My favorite sites

This begins the series of posts on favorite sites and resources for anything doll related. Some miniature doll resources and other for various other dolls or sewing supplies.

Today’s favorite sites are Fabric Depot and Britex Fabrics.

Fabric Depot is based in Portland, Oregon and boasts a wonderful acre of fabric, notions and craft supplies. To go into the store you should start when the doors open as you can be there for literally hours the first time. They have a variety of fabrics including tiny prints and natural fiber fabric suitable for doll clothes and miniatures projects. Their online site is a wonderful place to just sit and browse for hours and find many favorite fabrics that may not be available in your local fabric stores. Their staff has always been helpful both in person and via online or phone ordering and their prices are just right… perfect for spending just “a little too much but oh my it was on sale”!

Britex Fabrics is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco and boasts 4 floors of fabric, notions and trims. The fabrics are very high quality and you can again spend hours just looking. The last time I was in Britex I was a poor college student and could only afford one tiny piece of trim which I promptly used on one of my early miniature dresses. Sometime soon I hope to visit again!

I miss large fabric stores like Fabric Depot and Britex Fabrics but no matter what I LOVE living in Alaska… after all what is the internet for if not to order fabric from a distance!

I can dream right?

I am currently fighting with a pinched nerve in my neck. Have been for over a month now but according to the chiropractor and massage therapist I’m seeing there’s improvement. Unfortunately it meant I did NOT get to sew or craft much this holiday season like I really like to do. I had several projects on my list for Christmas that may just have to wait a couple more months!

On my list are:

  1. A backpack for my Minecraft happy son in the shape of a Creeper with a pencil case also in the shape of one. His favorite critter in the game. To accomplish it I have the supplies including heavy denim in a pixelated camo! Down side is that it’s rough on the hands to cut out and right now it’s on the taboo list to do! I can dream about an electric cutter, the SKIL 2352-01 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Multi-Cutter  that’d make it easier but I’m not likely to get anytime soon! I do have the Fiskars Contour Rotary Cutter which works fantastically for most things but in this case I think I’d prefer  the electric version!
  2. My tablet bag which would allow me to carry my tablet and a whole purse full of other stuff including all my gadgets. This project is currently in pieces as it was set aside in favor of finishing a Jawa costume!
  3. More fleece pants would be nice to finish as it is, well, freezing outside! It’s a bit colder than average with the wind AND sub 0 temperatures! I have a pair of fleece pants I made in 2001 and I really should sit down and FIX those but a new pair would be nice to have as alternates.
  4. I’d also love to do another fleece skirt. I used to have a A-line skirt in fleece that was nice to wear and really warm in the winter!
  5. Fleece curtains for the bedroom to help keep the house warmer this winter. Really not all that complex to make and I might just break the ban on sewing after my daughter is done with her brother’s Christmas present to create the darn things! It’s cold.. oh I mentioned that earlier right?

Luckily for me I am getting better and looking at avoiding surgery so hopefully this winter I’ll get to complete a couple of those projects. Not doll ones but still sewing.

I did manage to do one doll project this month but ONLY because it was promised before the nerve acted up and ONLY with a LOT of help from Sera. She seems to really enjoy hand sewing work and did fantastically working in miniature. Together we created a semi-replica of Betsy Ross for Justice’s 5th grade history assignment, the Clock Tower Cafe. The room box is 3 feet tall (dad) and dollhouse furniture kit; a table, chairs and cabinet in 1″ scale put together by Justice, a counter created from scraps of foam core by dad (George) and is manned by a 1″ scale action figure of Ben Franklin!

Here’s to healing and a Happy New Year!