Mini American Girl Pattern Line

Patterns can be mixed and matched for more of your own creations as well!
This group of patterns includes all of the following patterns. (no longer sold individually)

  • Long sleeves 2 rows lace on front dress pattern
  • Short sleeves with a loopy ribbon trimmed bodice and double skirt dress pattern
  • Short puff sleeves, skirt with ruffle dress pattern
  • 2 tiered skirt short sleeves dress pattern
  • Short sleeves with loopy ribbon on skirt, bodice and sleeves dress pattern
  • Petal sleeves with a square collar and knee-length skirt dress pattern

These patters fit the older and newer Mini American Girls.


Pattern Kit for Mini American Girl Dolls

Fits older and newer Mini American Girl Dolls.

All the basic pattern pieces you could need to design your own outfits for the Mini American Girl Dolls

Pattern Kits are the basic blocks fitted to the individual doll and include a basic bodice, skirt, sleeve and pant block along with instructions on modifying patterns into other designs. Some kits also have bonus pieces such as sleeves or skirt variations.


Who are the popular dolls?

cropped-Collages2.jpgSo, curiosity gets me here… who are the popular dolls? Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, Gene, Kitty & Tiny Kitty come to mind. Tiny Betsy, Betsy and American Girls too but what about baby dolls? I have several nekkid baby dolls my now 13 yr old doesn’t want and am contemplating 2 roads… dress them and sell patterns for them or donate them locally. In particular two are Zaph Baby Borns, one a soft body and one a hard body, drink & wet doll.

I love dolls and have a hard time parting with them for any reason but I guess my teen has decided to “grow up”.

So who are your favorite dolls?