Basic Man’s T-Shirt Tutorial for 1″ Scale Dolls

T-shirt Diagram

T-shirt Diagram

Body Length
Measure from center front waist to center back waist over shoulder to get length then add ½”for a hem.

Body Width
Measure from under arm to under arm across the broadest part of the chest and add 1/8” for ease Neck

Fold in 1/4 and cut a small circle. Enlarge the circle until it goes over the doll’s head with a little resistance if using paper towel to make your pattern

Measure from the shoulder to the start of the porcelain arm or desired sleeve length then measure around the man’s arm and add 1/4” total

Computer Drafting

It is created with basic rectangles and an oval which any graphics program can do the trick is to center the neck hole. To do the neck on this pattern by computer I measured the head width from ear to ear holding the tape measure over the top of his head and then measured from nose to back of the head and drew an oval those dimensions. I also eliminated the seam allowance necessity by butting the sleeves against the body.

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