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Note: this is my personal opinion about ‘normal’ proportions. All body types are normal depending on the doll or the person! It is a way of describing the differences I see between the dolls as a dressmaker and pattern drafter. All this means is that you have to tell me which doll you have so that you get a correct pattern as there are major differences between the various dolls and they do not share clothes!

My definitions for my dolls:
Old Body is the twist waist of the early 80’s as that is when I was old enough to get a first Barbie! She has a large bust with a very small waist and larger hips. I so not believe she has the same body as a Silkstone or original 1960’s Barbie but I can not be certain as I do not own any of the 1960’s or Silkstone Barbies!

New Body is the smooth 1 piece torso doll who has a belly button and more ‘normal’ looking proportions meaning an average bust, waist and hip line.

Model Muse: A Model Muse Barbie is yet another flavor of Barbie body. I look forward to finding and customizing some patterns for her.

Super Size Barbie : Super Size is an 18″ late 1970’s vintage Barbie…. I will hopefully be adding some unique items for her sometime in 2004! She will end up in the Play Scale area as she is a Barbie doll!
My Scene Barbie : The My Scene Dolls have the New Body Barbie torso which is referred to as a “belly button body” thus they are going to share patterns with the New Body dolls.

Kelly & Tommy: Kelly and Tommy s share a body and just have different face sculpts and hair styles.

Flavas : Flavas come in various body shapes and I previously mistook them for My Scene dolls. I have 2  I can work with. One has a fairly normal body that bends just under the bust line and the other whom is Tika has an asymmetrical body which is going to cause her to have her own set of patterns and of course some very unique designs to the body itself.

Dollfies : My latest discovery and love. I have a Beauty B & Elegant Collection along with a Goh Guy.

My Beauty B & Elegant Collection have 2 patterns and the differences between body types is not a big difference to the point where they can share outfits fairly well. I will be making Goh Guy patterns to see if he can share with any of my Kens.

Mini American Girls : There are 2 current Mini American Girls out. The retired version is 6″ tall and was made before 2001 as near as I can tell. The new ones you buy now from E-bay or direct from are the new doll which are 6 1/2″ tall and are a tad different from the originals.

There is only one minor difference between retired and new Mini AG dolls…. the skirt length. Therefore all patterns for sale are now for the new dolls with a notation to take up the hem for the retired dolls a little more.

If you have any doubt which doll you have check what year she was made in and then also measure her from head to toe. If you still have doubts please e-mail me and I’ll try to help

Tiny Betsy , Stacey , Whitney , Madeline , Ginny & Cloe : Tiny Betsy, Stacey, Ginny, Madeline & Cloe are all dolls I have and share patterns very well. I gave my daughter all of the above for either birthday or Christmas 2003 and made almost a dozen dresses that all fit all the dolls.

Strawberry Shortcake: this little doll comes very close to fitting some of the Kelly patterns but she is taller and thinner than Kelly and thus doesn’t fit them well… they’re too big…. sooooo….. 🙂 There are now patterns available for Strawberry Shortcake along with a Pattern Kit.

Furga : Vintage 11″ child doll

Horsman : Vintage baby doll

Tiny Kitty & Skipper: Tiny Kitty Collier by Rober Tonner. She is in the 1/6 scale range and an absolute dream to draft and sew for. Skipper is the same height and her body is very close and thus Tiny Kitty’s patterns can be shared!

Harry Potter/Kevin : Harry and Kevin are based off the same body mold the only difference is the head sculpt.

Urban Vita: Lovely 16″ lady doll. Vita is also by Horsmann Dolls and can pose with ease all the way to yoga positions!

Gene: 16″ lady doll. Gene lends herself well to designs out of the 1940’s

Vintage Lady Dolls: My vintage lady is 20″ tall and very close to a Madam Alexander type face.

Kitty Collier: Kitty is 18″ tall and very versatile in her ability to wear anything

If there are any other dolls that might be confusing and that I have info on I’ll post as much as I can find out here about him or her! If anything here is wrong and you have more up to date info please let me know so that I can correct it!

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