Dolls I *swear* I didn’t want….

brenda-wedding-gown-bWell it’s been a while.. last post I tried the blogger ate and I didn’t have time to put it back up again so I had to go a while w/o posting here. It’s been a busy time in the last few months…. I now do a regular pattern for Doll Magazine. The first of which is already out and the second is in progress along with enough to go through to next summer.

Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday and I thought I’d write about some of it… recently she’s been a pain… stole one of her unwrapped presents which happened to be a Nellie mini American Girl… 3 days before her birthday… consequently it’s now one of an ever growing list of Christmas items. Her grandmother in Oregon sent her a package which I opened to find some nicely wrapped presents… again stashed them and found them opened but at least it was done today… it was a combo of her and her brother snitching them as I had them up and know it had to be a cooperative effort. Too late to re-wrap them so we found them and to my semi-dismay she had been sent a Bratz doll… now I’ve seen them in the stores and I’m not fond of the big head and long legged nearly body less doll.. I’m a “doll should look like a doll” or a “real person” with ‘correct’ proportions… I don’t generally like stylized human figures… I drove my illustration teachers batty with that but that’s another story.

Anyway, I swore at one time thatI would never buy a Bratz doll…. well upon looking at the doll further and then giving in because of a dismayed looking doll nutty 5 yr old who thought I might return the doll in favor of a different doll… I have kind of fallen for the Bratz dolls… to the point where I took a shoebox and instantly created a bed so that Sera would go to bed tonight! I’ve also like a nut told her I’d get Mrs. Claus aka me to make a ‘fancy’ dress for Jade (said Bratz doll). This is on top of Dolls Magazine patterns and other patterns and projects for other dolls not to mention the usual Christmas outfits I make for her and her brother!

I try not to spoil the kids generally and this time of year is when I do spoil them a bit. So I guess I’ll just be extra busy sewing in the coming days… like a nut I also volunteer at school and have offered to do more work in the classroom since the teacher has a cast on his foot!

I’ll manage to get most of what I’m planning done but some of the other things are going to have to wait LOL…. my kids are important to me and Mrs. Claus is going to be busy into the wee hours of the morning later this month I have a feeling.

Well time to turn off the computer and sewing machine and get some rest!

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