If you write it will they come?

Is it still true that if you write and add to a wonderful site or blog that you can attract random readers and then a loyal following? I believe it’s true but with the caveat that you also have to participate in one or more other marketing activities. I started Sue’s Tiny Costumes way back… in fact if you plug in the URL you can see how badly my designs for websites were and over time can see the progression and improvements.

What I’m about to say is in no way paid it is purely in gratitude for what she has done to pay it forward, share her vast knowledge and INSPIRE others to be better.

If it were not for Cricket I would not be where I am today. Ok she is one of many many individuals but they are for other posts as appropriate. I started Cricket’s SEO class in 2003 with a toddler and a pre-schooler in the house. I had a dream of making some money with designing and drafting doll patterns of all things.  If you go to the Wayback Machine you can see my early attempt at web design… pretty dismal with scanned dresses laid on a scanner, no digital camera, computer drawn designs and more flaws than I care to count.

Over time, with many nudges and encouragement, my site improved visually and the business expanded. Then in 2005 just as it was starting to roll my personal life blew up. My knee went out, I went through a separation and moving, and many other problems and my site had to go to the bottom of the heap of things to worry about. From 2005 until NOW, I have done NOTHING to market the business or if I did it has been very inconsistent and sporadic. Yet, despite it all what Cricket taught held the site in good standing and it STILL made money without me… well minor technical issues had to be addressed but those were very seldom since I’d done a LOT of work leading to the life blow out. I am to this day a member of her classes and the Coffee Shop. I’ve followed her on the V7n and Facebook and even Twitter. Cricket is an inspirational teacher and mentor and I look forward to learning more from her.

Thank you Cricket for everything you do to help people build up businesses. The Blog Challenge has been the kick in the pants I’ve needed to get back on the writing and business bandwagon for 2011 and hopefully I’ll achieve some of my next round of dreams because of the jump start you’ve give me this year. I look forward to more Challenges in the coming months too! If you need something just drop me a note and I’ll do what I can to repay you!

So really, if you write, follow Cricket’s tips, and do so consistently, I do believe readers will come!


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  1. WOW! What a perfect night to hear your wonderful words following a difficult day. You have paid it back a zillion times as I have watched you pay it forward every day. I love you girl!

    • I’m just happy I was sitting at a keyboard and wrote it… I really don’t know what inspired it but I realized how thankful I am today for those who have enabled me to move forward so far in life. We may not have met face to face … yet but I count you as one of my good friends!

  2. Cricket and I met on a Graphics/Web Design Yahoo! group (now debunked). Well, we didn’t actually meet, we both were members.

    On day she posted in the group that she was going to start Free SEO classes. Thought, hmm, I should take that so I can provide better websites for my clients (they didn’t teach SEO when I took my course). So I joined.

    7 years later I’m still there. She gave me the opportunity to teach HTML to the members then encouraged me to create an ebook of my lessons.

    Most grateful for her encouragement and faith over the years.

    • You are another of the “Great Ones” I know… if it were not for your HTML classes I’d still be writing old versions of code and not know what the heck it all meant! Hats off to you too for all that you share and do for those of us who are your students!

  3. Sue, I love your story. Good luck!

  4. That was a great morning read. Cricket has indeed helped so many people. And the result of her helping others has certainly helped those people to help others. This challenge has indeed helped me.

    For years I just blogged with blinders on.. not anymore 🙂

    Excellent post Sue!

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