Newly aquired items for the week … so far

dollfie-halter-dress-2 elegant-2Well I’ve gotten my Dollfie… I adore her! I also decided to join in on Dana of Miniature Art ‘s online class for Madeline through Mini Doll U later in August.

It has also been determined that my Pattern Drafting for Ladies 101 class is not going to be repeated for the rest of the year. This is due to this fall and early winter where I’ll be very busy moving and with holiday work and have decided that I can only handle so much solo.

However the 102 Stylizations Class will be going on in late Sept!

The larger doll classes are ongoing and 102 Stylizations for Larger Dolls will start also in late Sept or early Oct!

I’ll have another class for a lady dwarf that is in the planning stages and looks like it will be going on sometime in October!

I’m hoping to hear back on the purchase of a Ginny soon and look forward to hopefully adding her to my collection. I also have a friend on another list who is looking to make space in her house and has some dolls to send me… I seem to be a doll magnet this month… Dollfies, Tika, porcelain mini dolls and some surprise dolls!
Keep an eye out for more info on new patterns as I am nearly done with a couple more designs for Tiny Betsy who is so easy to sew for while sewing for my children this summer! I am now behind on my incentive sewing for my daughter… I trade chores and good behavior for doll clothes… man does this work well! I owe her about 6 outfits now. I should also have patterns for Tika, Dollfie (gee she needs a name badly) and any other dolls that I don’t already have pages up for!


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