On dolls and scales and magazines….

One of the focuses of my business is dollhouse miniatures… to answer the questions on scale.

1″ or 1/12 scale is the most common with tons of Yahoogroups for it and other online forums including Small Stuff Digest which is where I got my start… large international list for nothing but miniatures (not just 1″ scale though)

1/2″ or 1/24 scale is smaller and has gained popularity in the last couple of years. The reason for this is the 1″ scale people are running out of space for minis! This is a niche market that has a growing base. I’m not saying 1″ scale is on it’s way out just that 1/2″ is growing in popularity due to the main body of crafters being retired or *my* elders (I’m not yet 40) and on space and money budgets that are shrinking.

1/4 scale is also popular but I’m not up on it much but I can say it is extremely tiny … if you’ve ever seen the original 80’s Poly Pockets those come close to the correct scale or a Z scale train is right. This is a dollhouse scale for inside a 1″ scale dollhouse!

On the larger end of the scale is 1/6 scale which is Barbie and the number of adult collectors wishing there were more things for her that weren’t Barbie Pink has a huge base.

Then there is the Tonner and larger 15-18″ fashion dolls that would dearly love more items including houses and such for their dolls.

As for places to learn about miniatures or dolls….. There are many doll magazines:

  • Doll Magazine
  • American Miniaturist
  • Doll Crafter
  • Miniature Collector
  • Dolls
  • Doll Costuming

and a whole host of other magazines that deal with various subjects within the doll or miniature world.

I’ve been into dolls since 1988 when my mom started her doll business. I have been seriously into collector dolls and miniatures for about the last 8 years.

I should also add in something about reborn dolls, re-painted dolls and art dolls… there are lots of those out there too.Those who redo, repaint or sculpt their own dolls that need and use props… you might just have a niche in one of these categories.

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