1″ Scale Miniature Historic Ladies Pattern Line

This group of patterns includes all of the following patterns.

This is a mix of historic patterns in 1” scale. Inspired by costume history this line includes:

  1. a dress from 1775 with instructions to make the pannier
  2. a dress inspired by the court gowns of 1815 which includes information on beading lace by hand
  3. a visiting dress from 1873 including hat pattern
  4. an evening gown from 1876 which includes instructions for a wire bustle
  5. a day dress from 1884  which includes information on drawing up the overskirt
  6. a beautiful gown  from 1899 inspired by the can can dancers of New Orleans
  7. a walking gown from 1892 which also includes a hat pattern
  8. a dress inspired by the flappers of the 1920’s.

All dresses should be made from very light cottons or silks They are designed to be interchangeable on a single doll as well!


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