Convert from Fractions to MM

This chart and a full conversion tool can be found on I thank this site for having the information I needed for this tutorial!

Due to the many requests I’ve had during classes on information about metrics vs standard measuring I decided that a tutorial was necessary for measuring in metrics as it is more accurate for very small dolls.

To use the chart found at the link:

  • Fractions are obvious I would guess.
  • The decimal was found by dividing 1 by the number after the / so 1 divided by 64 gives you the .0156.
  • The MM was found by multiplying by 2.54. To read the MM section correctly you read after the decimal as mm and before the . as CM. Thus 1.3 cm is 1 centimeters and 3 millimeters.
  • My books and other drafting tutorials are written for standard thus this is to help convert the fractions to a more manageable format. When reading a long MM measurement such as 25.7969 you will want to round the .7969 to .8 thus 25 cm plus 8 mm is what you will find your measurement will have to be for 1 1/64″
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