Pattern Drafting Crash Course-Explanation Of Measurements & Diagrams Shown on a Lady

Pattern Drafting Crash Course-Explanation Of Measurements & Diagrams Shown on a Lady

Now we get into the actual activity in preparation for drafting a pattern. This explains how to make the measurements correctly from yesterday’s chart.

Take ribbon and pass it around your doll’s waist, bust or chest, neck and hips. Fasten ends together. Choose to use either the top or the bottom of each piece of ribbon as a guide for where you are starting or stopping a measurement. You may also want to mark in pencil or pen the center front and back for reference too. This section of the book deals specifically with measuring different types of dolls and all of the explanations are included in one place.

1) Full Height Head to toe height with or without wig2) Bust /Chest Around the fullest part of the chest

3) Waist Around waist

4) Hip Measure widest area parallel with the floor

5) Center Front /Back Length
Center neck to waist nape of neck to waist for back6)Full Length Waist to shoulder at neck over bust (determines shoulder seam) waist to neck over shoulder blade7) Across Shoulder From shoulder tip to shoulder tip on front and across the back at the fullest point. ONLY RECORD 1/2 of measurement8) Side Seam Length Bottom of armhole (about chest high) to the waist
9) Shoulder Length Shoulder tip to neck10) Shoulder Slope Center of waist to shoulder tip

over bust diagonally same on back. Should be almost as long as full length within about 1/4″

11) Bust Span (lady only) from apex to apex of the
bust (where a nipple might be)

12)Bust Depth (lady only) Measure from tip of bust (apex or Measure from tip of bust (apex or nipple) to waist straight down

13) Side Seam To Floor Side at waist to floor14) Back Waist To Floor Center back to floor

15) Crotch Depth Depth from waist to crotch level (if doll does not have an official crotch approximate the right area for it.)

16) Hip Depth center front to hip line

17) Side Hip Depth side waist to hip on side of doll (over the curve of the hip
18) Finger Span Around the fingers of both hands
to determine which is bigger Finger Span or Wrist19) Wrist Around the wrist20) Around Foot Around the circumference of the foot at sole level21) Upper Arm Around where the porcelain or vinyl meets the cloth of the rest of the body
22) Sleeve Length From shoulder tip to wrist23) Armhole Depth On back from center at the neck to chest ribbon
24)Waist To(A)Knee, (B)Ankle, (C)Floor, (D)Short Train (lady only), (E)Long Train (lady only)(A)Center front Waist to knee

(B)Center front waist to ankle

(C)Center front waist to floor

(D)Back waist to beyond floor for only an extra inch or so

(E)Back waist to a larger distance beyond floor for longer train 4-5″

25) Inseam From Crotch to ankle where pants would end. No seam allowance or hem added26) Outseam Waist to ankle along side of body
Waist arc Divide total waist circumference measurement by 4 and then add ease from section chart (waist is 4″ divide by 4 equals 1″ ease for doll is 1/4″ total waist arc is 1 1/4″)Hip arc Divide hip circumference measurement by 4 and add ease using section chart

Arm type Where the porcelain or vinyl meets the rest of the body determines minimum sleeve length

Leg typeWhere the porcelain or vinyl meets the rest of the body determines minimum skirt or pants length

Body type Cloth porcelain vinyl etc determines if you need extra ease

Finger type What type of fingers your doll has- a mitt, some fingers spread or individual fingers. Especially important for sleeve openings if the fingers are spread out then you have to adjust and use the finger spread measurement and not the wrist measurement if you have a porcelain or other fragile type doll and
a straight sleeve without elastic or other style of opening at the hem.

Guidelines are simply lines of undetermined length to provide a place to measure or draw a line to. They are not precise and do not have set lengths, most however, do need to be a squared (90°angle) angle from another line.

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