Pattern Drafting Crash Course – Sleeve

Copy the following to your paper before you start and fill in with the correct measurements for the doll you are working with. The ones in italics can be found on the Miniature Draft Chart.
Sleeve LengthFinger Span
Upper ArmSleeve Cap Bottom Marks
WristSleeve Cap Top Marks
1) Sleeve length-Otherwise referred to as center2) Cap height-1/3 of sleeve length marked
and squared out from the top, 1/2 of the upper arm measurement
3) Wrist or finger span-Mark
out 1/2 of the wrist or finger span (whichever is larger) to either
side of center
4) Sleeve sides-Connect cap
height to wrist level, forming the sides of the sleeve.

5) Sleeve cap bottom marks- 1/8 of upper arm measurement
marked from the outside in and up according to Miniature Draft Chart for your size doll
6) Sleeve cap top-Square out to either
7) Sleeve cap top marks – Using the same
1/8 of upper arm from the bottom marks, mark from the center out
and down according to the Miniature Draft Chartfor your size doll.
8 ) Sleeve cap mid marks- Measure diagonally
from the tips of the small marks and divide in half. Mark.
9) Sleeve cap curve- Form sleeve cap by using your French curve to connect the side to the bottom mark tip, then to the mid point, up to the top and down the other side.
Alternate Sleeve
Measurements Needed Copy the following to your paper before you start and fill in with the correct measurements for the doll you are working with. The ones in italics can be found on the Miniature Draft Chart
Sleeve lengthArmhole circumference****
****Armhole circumference- measure your finished bodice
pattern’s armhole from shoulder tip to shoulder tip
Armhole CircumferenceX2X length= light gathers
Armhole CircumferenceX3X length= medium gathers
Armhole CircumferenceX4X length= very gathered
Only does puff sleeves that are gathered at the top and then pulled in by way of elastic at the wrist
*Determine how full you want the sleeve (see chart)
*Measure from shoulder tip around elbow to wrist this will be your sleeve length
*Measure your armhole of your basic block
*Multiply the armhole circumference by desired fullness (see chart) draw first line as the sleeve length
*Label sleeve length
*Square out to one side only the distance of the armhole circumference from the top and the bottom
*Now draw the other sleeve length line
*Your result will be a rectangle that is your desired fullness wide by your dolls arm length long. From here you can add seam allowance to the top and bottom length and gather to fit.
*This sleeve draft ONLY makes a puff long or short sleeve.
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