Pattern Drafting Crash Course – Supplies

Below is the supply list you will need to draft patterns for small or miniature children dolls. In future posts I will also try to list places to find some of the more unique items such as miniature French Curves suitable for drafting in the smaller scales.
  • 1/8 or 1/4″ Ribbon -used to mark where the bust waist and hips land so that measurements are accurate. To help measure hard to get into places on small dolls. You can lay the ribbon on the doll and then use a pen dot to mark the desired amount and then measure the end to the dot.
  • A plastic coated twist tie works very well for very tiny dolls as you can bend the wire to the exact amount you need and then use a ruler to do the measuring
  • Eraser– pink pearl or kneaded gum
  • French Curve, tape dispenser, or sets of “doll size” French curves
  • Glue stick helps hold tiny pieces to cardstock for final blocks
  • Light Table or A Box with a Light Inside and Clear Glass or Plastic Over the Top or A Child’s Light Table – used for tracing patterns easier
  • Magnifying glass Lets you see small things easier
  • Manila Envelopes, Thin Cardboard, Card Stock Or Junk Mail Post Cards Or Thin Cardboard Boxes- for creating permanent blocks
  • Measuring Tape – a normal sized human one works well. Alternately the retractable purse size measuring tape found at Wal-Mart works very well too.
  • Muslin– relatively inexpensive way to do test fits and be able to sew the pieces together along with marking on the pieces any changes*Paper- light weight for first drafts of the pattern
  • Paper Towel, muslin, used dryer sheets- inexpensive way to test patterns*Pencil- mechanical pencil or a no. 2 normal pencil with a sharp point
  • Ruler – an accurate one marked in 1/16ths and also centimeters (metal is best) There are clear rulers that are marked in 1/10ths that are very useful as well
  • Scissors – fine tip sewing scissors some for paper and another pair for fabric
  • Scotch Tape– taping parts of a pattern in place while adjusting or stylizing
  • Small Rotary Cutter With A Sharp Blade– to ease cutting out pieces from fabric optional The 18mm size is perfect for cutting out even 1″ scale pieces accurately
  • Small Rotary Mat– must be used if you use a rotary cutter optional
  • Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie used for giving a very fine line that is more visible than pencil to a final pattern
  • Xacto Knife– to aid cutting out permanent blocks
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