Pattern Drafting For Miniatures

pattern-drafting-for-miniaturesPattern Drafting for Miniatures is a complete beginner’s guide to drafting miniature patterns by hand. It includes sections on drafting and then stylizing patterns for men, ladies, children and baby dolls. These drafts and styles are specifically geared to work in small scales from half-inch scale to about 10″ dolls. It also includes general construction instructions. ©2001-2017


1″ Scale Miniature Historic Ladies Pattern Line

This group of patterns includes all of the following patterns.

This is a mix of historic patterns in 1” scale. Inspired by costume history this line includes:

  1. a dress from 1775 with instructions to make the pannier
  2. a dress inspired by the court gowns of 1815 which includes information on beading lace by hand
  3. a visiting dress from 1873 including hat pattern
  4. an evening gown from 1876 which includes instructions for a wire bustle
  5. a day dress from 1884  which includes information on drawing up the overskirt
  6. a beautiful gown  from 1899 inspired by the can can dancers of New Orleans
  7. a walking gown from 1892 which also includes a hat pattern
  8. a dress inspired by the flappers of the 1920’s.

All dresses should be made from very light cottons or silks They are designed to be interchangeable on a single doll as well!


Alaska State Fair 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005


This year I decided it was time to start entering the Alaska State Fair. I’ve entered multiple County and local fairs for handcrafted items over the years growing up but not at the state level. It was time and my hard work paid off this year in the form of a first place ribbon on one of my nicest items I’ve done yet… Little Bo Peep and her Sheep otherwise known as Kitty Collier and Tiny Betsy.

When I find some time I’ll post the photos of them at the fair with their ribbon. The judge’s comment on my form was “cute sheep girl” and I do have to admit Betsy is cute!

Both patterns appeared in the Halloween Issue of International Doll Magazine (No longer published).