Sue’s Tiny Costumes

Sue’s Tiny Costumes, your first stop for Pattern Making for Dolls and Pattern Drafting for Miniatures. The original home of the Pattern Drafting Crash Course! Also home to many patterns for dolls 1/2″ tall to 18″ tall for Fashion Dolls, Children Dolls and Baby Dolls.

Patterns are available as a Line, which is a group of patterns that are designed and grouped for one doll, or as Kits which are the basic block patterns that can be used and modified to make any design you can dream up for a specific doll.

Some of the dolls featured on the site are Tiny Betsy, Tiny Kitty, Kitty Collier, Barbie, Kelly, Skipper, Strawberry Shortcake and even Dollfies! For smaller patterns the dolls are 1″ scale dollhouse dolls or 1/2″ scale dolls.

All patterns, lines, kits and books are 100% downloadable PDF files so there is no wait time (or very little) for your product to show up.


  • Pattern Writing

    NEW Service Offered! Sue's Tiny Costumes in partnership with Alaska Office Specialists will now test and write detailed instructions for YOUR design. Your sewn pattern for a doll outfit,...

Pattern Drafting Crash Course

This tutorial series originally done at the turn of the century (2000-2002) was designed for 1″ scale miniature dolls and for a child. The books Pattern Drafting for Miniatures and Pattern Making for Dolls contain further instructions. The tutorial and books are in the process of being updated in 2018!

Diagrams are being updates and photos are being added. Additional books are also in the works as well as video tutorials and LIVE classes based on the written works.
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