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tiny-kitty-red tiny-kitty-red-petticoatWell it’s been a few weeks since I last posted and I’ve had nothing but fun. I started out by doing a custom pattern for Tiny Kitty, which turned out beautifully and actually ended up with 3 views to the pattern- plain, slight petticoat and poufy princess petticoat. I now have a fascination for double circle skirt patterns due to how much fullness can be put into the skirt and how well it all drapes but how little bulk is at the waist!

I have so much fascination in fact that I also did 3 other dresses with the same style skirt. One is a halter style top for my Beauty B Dollfie and the other 2 are strapless dresses for the Beauty B and also my Super Size Barbie.

I had so much fun with these larger dolls that I’ve recently become hooked on the 16″ fashion dolls as well. Brenda Starr arrived just today and already she has a bodice pattern I’ll be testing tonight!

In addition to the new patterns and new dolls, I’ve been busy developing 2 more classes that are running in mid October this year. Stylization 102 which is the next level of the Mini Drafting 101, which ran in August, and Cresindel a healer who likes to adventure as well! She has 2 interchangeable costumes and is only 4 1/2″ tall!

Beyond that even I have been in the process of developing a Pattern Club…. not sure how it’ll work out but if anyone has ideas on how to run it drop me a note! I’m also thinking of offering a larger doll special edition 102 with the patterns used being pre made basic blocks so that the basics of stylization can be learned without having to learn drafting first! I recommend learning drafting first but I think there might be a few who would like to get to the fun part faster and Stylizations are certainly fun! Both things are still in the idea phase so all input is welcome!

Well time to feed my children so I’ll end now.

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