New ideas

Well I have many new ideas and a couple new dolls I’m currently going to be playing with. I bought Tika a Flava who has an unusual body. I knew humans had fit problems but this doll definitely has them. She bends and moves just under the bust making her great for poses that are different from standard Barbies but she also has an “S” curve torso that gives her a long side and a short side along with a high hip and a low hip that are drastically different. Bearing that in mind I plan to use her as a guinea pig in my Pattern Drafting for Lady Dolls 101 class shortly when I start the lessons over in a couple weeks. As for styles for this doll I’m thinking a lot of asymmetrical items might be what she needs or some nice tummy show off items … crop tops and hiphuggers…. perhaps a hip hugging skirt that flares at the bottom about knee length out of a mock denim (there’s a fat quarter blue that looks a lot like denim that would be perfect!) I’m also thinking a crop top peasant blouse in possibly the light blue silk I found at the thrift shop the other day (silk scarf that was tossed in as part of a $5 bag sale that still has a new sticker on it priced at $8!) When she’s done she will have patterns and such on the Flavas page.

My next doll is a Dollfie from the company Volks which is based in Japan. The Dollfies are articulated in more places than most of your average dolls and are based on anime style people who usually have bright color hair with big cartoon-ish eyes. These dolls however, have the ability to use acrylic eyes similar to those used for larger porcelain dolls which is what I opted for along with a honey gold wig. I’m not sure yet what styles this doll will want.. I like to let the dolls set what they will wear… they give me the inspiration to design and draft for them.

The last is another Dollfie but this time he is a buff man… but the poor guy has to go headless until I can order his head and eyes from Japan since the US distributor for these dolls didn’t have any in stock. I’m turning this doll into the comic book version of Wolverine for a friend to give as a gift.. but I have from now till Christmas to play with the doll and make stuff for him… IF I end up liking drafting and sewing for him, he’s going to end up with a lot of goodies…provided I can find time for it all!

Other ideas include the development of special items for donation to various groups for prizes or to conventions. I am also in the planning stages of my next book on Computer Pattern Drafting for dolls and minis… not sure if that is the final title or if it’s going to be 2 books or what yet. I have also in development, special design classes… but I can’t say more on either the computer drafting or the special design classes yet as I need to do some serious work on both projects before I can tell anyone else more!

OK it’s late and I want to do some other things tonight before bed so I’ll end this here.

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